Serra Tansel, Sera Tansel Unlimited

13 Nov - 13 Dec, 2015

Display of Karaoke Greatest Hits Sera Tansel DVD, 2015. Screen, microphone.

Sera Tansel Unlimited by Serra Tansel, installation view, 2015, noshowspace.

Sera Tansel Unlimited by Serra Tansel, installation view, 2015, noshowspace.

Sera Tansel Family Album Colouring Book - featuring line drawings of photos constructed from stock images representing Serra's loved ones. Softback. A4, 76 pp, 37 black & white ill. Unlimited edition. £12.00 with collection.

Karaoke Greatest Hits Sera Tansel DVD - a karaoke DVD complete with lyrics & music as yet unsung. Tracks: 1-Holy Uterus 2-#ff99ff 3-Them Jails Are Cold At Night 4-En Guzel Derdim, Anneannem Gulsun. Lyrics Sera Tansel. Production noshowspace. Karaoke instruments Ballaro Nero & Rosa Nostra. Available as download link. £15 with collection.

#ff99ff Handkerchief - a handkerchief printed with the image of a napkin upon which the name of a non-existent song is scribbled, a napkin once given as a request to a singer on stage. Handkerchief dimension 24 x 24 cm supplied in cardboard box - £15.00 with collection. 

SEA IS A PLACE Protest Tote Bag - with a print of a protest that did not take place - £10

"No, I don’t wanna change the world, just some of the things on it. Maybe it’s OK all our grandchildren will inherit the same IKEA furniture, at least that’s an even start. There probably aren’t any coffee tables in refugee camps though. It’s all as slippery as reality. I know I’m special. But then, everybody is. If I ever forget the mole on his cheek, I’d rather die."

noshowspace presents Sera Tansel Unlimited by Serra Tansel.

Sera Tansel Unlimited is a display of unlimited reproductions of non-existing works. Reproductions of unsung songs, unsent requests, untaken photos... As their originals do not exist, these reproductions simultaneously exist as their own originals. The reproductions and originals become equally authentic or fake and equally accessible. They share the same aura.

The products on display can be purchased at prices on a par with that of reproduced artworks sold in museum shops. These works are mass produced commodities that infiltrate into the production systems of our day, to disrupt it with the value of the small pleasures of life. Serra Tansel handed over the copyright of her works to the fictional legal name Sera Tansel in an act of iconoclasm.

Serra Tansel (b. 1989 Istanbul, Turkey) studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (2007-11). She currently lives in London and Istanbul. Recent works and exhibitions include: Dünya Döner, Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp (2015); mobile text is the best, Parasite School, Royal Academy Schools, London (2015); ΓΛΥΚΙΑ ΜΟΥ with Joanna Peace, Snehta, Athens (2015); Su İkramımızdır with Duval Timothy, Polistar, Istanbul (2014)