Daniel Sturgis, Boulder Shifts III


Daniel Sturgis, Boulder Shifts IV


Daniel Sturgis, Boulder Shifts I

Unique pair of works in series of 4. Acrylic paint on paper. Original Roberson's paper. Paper size 344 x 250mm. Black stained frame size 373 x 483mm. Signed and numbered on rear. Sold as pair. FEW REMAINING

Daniel Sturgis born in 1966, lives and works in London. Sturgis is an abstract painter.

Boulder Shifts I is a unique pair of paper works in a series of 4, Boulder Shifts I - IV. The paper works are acrylic paint on original Roberson's paper. The paper works are part of a wider series titled the boulder paintings. Boulder Shifts are full of flat geometric shapes arranged in such a way that could have been of their own making. The weight of balance in the shapes yield a tension of suggested movement. Of the pair one is populated with small red dots, typical of a Sturgis painting. The dots have a strong anthropomorphic quality that imbue them with a humour and sense of movement, a slight tilt and they could simply roll away. Shapes become sentient agents. It is at this meeting place of divergent references from art, contemporary culture, abstraction and design that Sturgis finds new and exciting forms of abstraction.

Sturgis recently selected the Indiscipline of Painting an international group exhibition of abstract painting at Tate St Ives and Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre. Recently exhibited at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London and Gallery Hollenbach, Stuttgart.