Imposed Alphabet digital typeface

Imposed Alphabet digital typeface, Fraser Muggeridge studio


The digital typeface Imposed Alphabet consists of letters concealed on imposed printing sheets from various jobs designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio from 2018 to 2023. The shape, size, colour, and material of each letter refer to the design of the sheet that hosts it. Imposition is the process of arranging pages onto a printer’s sheet for maximum efficiency. Correct imposition minimises printing time, simplifies binding, and, by maximising the number of pages per impression, reduces paper waste.

Fraser Muggeridge studio is a graphic design company based in London. Throughout a wide range of formats, from artists’ books and exhibition catalogues to posters, marketing material, exhibitions, websites, film titles and music, the studio prioritises artists’ and writers’ content over the imposition of a signature style. By allowing images and texts to sustain their own intent and impact, each project is approached with typographic form and letterform playing a key role in arriving at a sympathetic yet subtly alluring object.

The Imposed Alphabet font be activated on this website using the ON/OFF link in the menu.