Serra Tansel in conversation with Gizem Karakaş

Thu 22 Apr 2021, 5 pm (GMT+1)

Online conversation

via Live Google Docs starting at 5pm

This event is an introduction to SH/FT currently in the shop/front of No Show Space. The document will be a collective writing platform, it is open to everyone to edit. Participants will be invited to contribute to a collective dreaming session.

SHFT, Serra Tansel
Invitation flyer to Google Doc Conversation w/ Serra Tansel & Gizem Karakaş 22.04.21 / 5pm

In the exchange London-based artist Serra Tansel will introduce SH/FT a project she has coordinated and inititated in the shopfront of No Show Space currently on show. Tansel will give an introduction to the collaborative working method with artist Gizem Karakaş and the use of an artist's chain, a continuation of a method Karakaş developed for Transfer, Istanbul in 2019.

Serra Tansel (b. 1989 Istanbul) lives and works in London. Tansel’s practice engages with the ways in which we settle into our world, our cities, our houses and our bodies and the structures, the relationships we establish within them. She is interested in shared authorship and collaborative working methods. She is a member of the collectives Makkam and Bonnington Café in London. She is one of the faces of Hayırlı Evlat.

No Show Space hosted her first solo exhibition, Sera Tansel Unlimited, in 2015. Other exhibitions include "Passion can create drama out of inert stone"?!, Peak, Elephant & Castle Shopping Mall, London (2020); HIGHER, Pilot Gallery, Istanbul (2020),  Heavens!, Battersea Arts Centre, London and Bilsart, İstanbul (2019); Sinopale 7, Sinop (2019); Billboard 8171, Annin Arts, London (2018); Dünya Döner, Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp (2015); Water is on the House with Duval Timothy, Polistar, İstanbul (2014).

Gizem Karakaş (d. 1987), lives and works in Istanbul. Understanding and reflecting on the human condition through her own experiences and relationships with a performative approach constitutes the main axis of Karakaş’s practice. Her photo, video, sound and text-based works explore the concept of sincerity in relationships through the ambiguous areas that are left between the autobiographical and fictional narratives.

Karakaş graduated with her BFA from École des Arts de la Sorbonne in Plastic Arts department in 2009, and received her MFA degree at the same university in Art and New Media department in 2011.  Ongoing collective processes are central to Karakaş’ practice. She has been working with HAH since 2017. She has also been collaborating with Etem Şahin as Medyartiz collective on interactive performances since 2011. She is one of the faces of Hayırlı Evlat .